Makeup Lessons

Many people struggle with applying their makeup. I will see what products and tools you are currently working with and suggest a few key things you need and things you maybe donít need. I will show you correct colour placement and different techniques to accentuate your features. Lessons can go anywhere from one hour to three hours depending on what direction you would like it to go. If you just want to learn the basics or master that smokey eye, itís totally up to you.

  • " So....Angela Nijakowski came over to my place this afternoon and gave me a fabulous make-up lesson. She started, doing one eye, then taught me how to do the other. 15 - 20 minutes later, I was transformed and we both had fun!!! She is terrific. What I especially liked is that when I asked her about products, she tailored her answers and recommendations to my price point. Really important....I'm tired of being oversold. Angela doesn't do that; she told me what I needed [when I asked]. I'm very pleased with the results and will DEFINITELY both recommend her to others and ask her to 'do' me when I have a special occasion. "

    5 Stars
    Michaele-Sue Goldblatt